How You Can Give Back

We want to elevate 1 million acts of kindness, and here’s how you can help!

To celebrate kind acts big and small, TODAY and NBCUniversal have set an ambitious goal: to count one million acts of kindness before the New Year.

We will be tracking the #ShareKindness hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, as well as kind comments and shares. Here are some suggestions on how you can participate:

  • Perform an act of kindness and tweet about it using #ShareKindness
  • Tell us about how kindness affects your life by commenting on our #ShareKindness Facebook posts
  • Share our #ShareKindness posts to fill social media feeds with kindness
  • Use our Kindness robot on Facebook to suggest kind acts and give out compliments

In addition, if you’re in NYC, come to the Share Kindness Experience, powered by the Born This Way Foundation, to engage with the campaign in person. The Kindness Experience will be open at 30 Rock from Dec. 5th through Dec. 23rd. Four stations will offer the opportunity to perform an act of kindness, from writing a letter to a veteran or decorating a lunch bag for a child in need. All the kind acts count!

Here’s Hoda Kotb giving Cynthia Germanotta (Lady Gaga’s mom) a hug at the opening of the #ShareKindness Experience!



The TODAY Innovation Lab and The LEGO Group have teamed up to create a massive Kindness Counter, which will be displayed in the Kindness Experience.Visually representing that no act of kindness is too small and that together we can build a groundswell of kindness, our LEGO barometer here will be filled with one LEGO brick for each act of kindness shared this holiday season; our goal is to see 1 million LEGO pieces in this box by the end of the year.

NBCUniversal brands and external partners are also helping us reach 1 million acts of kindness. Here are a few of their contributions so far:

  • The YMCA has generosity committed 10,000 acts of kindness through volunteer hours and other donations
  • NBCUniversal’s Share A Tree drive will count all trees planted as acts of kindness towards our goal of 1 million
  • Various kindness organizations and charities nationwide have joined #ShareKindness and will be donating their acts, from kindness bracelets to pay-it-forward cards to volunteer hours.

NBC News, TODAY, CNBC, Sprout, Bravo, E!, Telemundo, Universal Parks, NBC Sports and more will be taking part in #ShareKindness!

Lady Gaga is getting involved with #ShareKindness! Check out her visiting LGBT youth earlier this week.

Want to get involved? Here’s how to contribute kindness.

Visit to learn more. 

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